Understanding Market Evolution: a Scientific Approach

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Course Features

  • Course date:04/13/2020
  • Course Duration: 1 Day
  • Level: Intermediate
  • Prerequisites: None
  • Method: Live & Virtual
  • Venue: MicroTek
  • Time: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
  • Dress Code: Business Casual

Understanding Market Evolution: A Scientific Approach

Although many of the developments in the financial markets look rather random, there are evolutionary forces at work. Understanding those forces can help market participants survive and thrive in periods of rapid change. This course is targeted for managers of sales, trading, operations, asset management and compliance as they steer their companies through the rapidly changing financial markets.

For most market participants, the current market environment is the worst in a lifetime.

  • Falling revenues in many businesses
  • Higher compliance costs in many businesses
  • Regulatory discontinuity across the markets
  • The apparent long term failure of active asset management
  • Lower liquidity in many markets
  • Political instability worldwide

Looking forward, with trepidation

  • How many of these factors will continue for an extended time?
  • How can market participants adapt to these factors?

The answer lies in taking a scientific approach to market evolution

  • Surviving in the Market Jungle
    • What markets we are talking about
    • Current market conditions
    • Looking forward
  • Learning from the Natural Sciences
    • The Science of evolution
    • Applying science to the markets
  • Examining the Long-Term Forces
    • Technology
    • Cost and competition
  • Examining the Short-Term Forces
    • Monetary policy
    • Regulation
  • The Evolution of Asset Management
    • The long-term forces
    • The short-term forces
    • The confluence
  • The Evolution of Research
    • The long-term forces
    • The short-term forces
    • The confluence
  • The Evolution of Clearing
    • The long-term forces
    • The short-term forces
    • The confluence
  • The Evolution of Market-Making
    • The long-term forces
    • The short-term forces
    • The confluence
  • Dealing With Market Evolution
    • Bedrock principles
    • The scientific approach


  • George Bollenbacher spent 20 years as a trader in the fixed income markets at such firms as Paine Webber, Chase Manhattan Bank and Donaldson, Lufkin and Jenrette. Then he spent ten years in the technology industry, at such firms as IBM and Unisys, designing systems for the trading industry. He holds a Patent Achievement Award …
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